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Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout

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Published: February 05, 2019

About the Book

A USA TODAY and Wall Street Journal bestseller! Learn how to live a life of character and integrity—by following the simple advice of a third grade dropout. Be inspired by the book behind Dr. Rick Rigsby’s viral graduation speech.

After his wife died, Rick Rigsby was ready to give up. The bare minimum was good enough. Rigsby was content to go through the motions, living out his life as a shell of himself. But then he remembered the lessons his father taught him years before— incredibly simple, yet incredibly profound.

These lessons weren’t about advanced mathematics or the secrets of the stock market. They were quite straightforward, in fact, as Rigsby’s father never made it through third grade. But if this man’s instructions were powerful enough to inspire one of his children to earn a Ph.D. and another to become a judge—imagine what they can do for you.

While Rick Rigsby’s father was a third-grade dropout, he was a man who never hid behind any excuse. A man who never allowed his problems or lack of a formal education to determine his present or affect his future. A man who realized that destiny was a choice and not a chance.

In Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout, Rigsby shares the simple lessons from his father that will transform your mindset, including:

  • Remain true to yourself
  • Think the best at all times
  • Give your best regardless of the circumstances
  • Keep standing no matter what

Join Rigsby as he dusts off time-tested beliefs and shares his father’s impactful, far-reaching story—of how a life can be enhanced, of how a corporate culture can be changed, of how a family can be united—by living the simple lessons of a third-grade dropout.