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Lady Oracle

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Genre:Learning & Reference
Language: English
Release: August 14, 1994
Dimensions:5.04 x 7.76 x 0.94 inches
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About the Book

By the author of The Handmaid's Tale and Alias Grace* The trick was to disappear without a trace, leaving behind me the shadow of a corpse, a shadow everyone would mistake for solid reality. At first I thought I'd managed it. Fat girl, thin girl. Red hair, brown hair. Polish aristocrat, radical husband. Joan Foster has dozens of different identities, and she's utterly confused by them all. After a life spent running away from difficult situations, she decides to escape to a hill town in Italy to take stock of her life. But first she must carefully arrange her own death. *'A mistress of controlled hysteria' - Time'If you feel safe only with "nine to five" reality, you'll probably not enjoy her books. But if you'd like to lift off, try her' - Cosmopolitan