Kumari's Adventure with her Moon Cycle

Kumari's Adventure with her Moon Cycle

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About the Book

Kumari’s Adventure with her Moon Cycle, a collective of young people across Nepal who have created an inspiring storybook about the magic of menstruation. The team of 80 illustrators have drawn the pictures that bring Kumari’s Adventure to life and then it has been curated into a 100-page story by the curator, Sophie Maliphant (UK).

The story explains the female anatomy in an exciting way that promotes a healthy relationship with the phenomena of menstruation. It includes the importance of sharing feelings and experiences of menstruation with people and communities you trust. It also relates menstruation back to nature, highlighting how the cycles that we see outside are also happening within. This inspires the character Kumari to have conversations with a wide variety of people within her community to understand the different experiences.


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