Slayer Of Kamsa

by Ashok K. Banker

NPR380.00 NPR400.00

Format: Paperback
Genre: Myth & Legend Told As Fiction
Origin: India
ISBN13: 9789350290002
ISBN10: 9350290006
Mass: 251.0 g
Published: 2010

Forewarned by a prophecy, the demonic King Kamsa orders every newborn to be put to the sword. But even in the womb, the unborn Krishna uses powerful magic to cast a spell across the entire kingdom on the night of his birth. The stage is set for the epic clash of the child-god and the terrible forces of evil with the birth of Krishna, the slayer of Kamsa ... The fantastic adventures of the Hindu god Krishna have entertained and inspired people for millennia. Playful cowherd, the mischievous lover, feared demon-slayer the legendary exploits of this super-being in human form rival the most rousing fantasy epics. Now, the author of the Ramayana Series®, the hugely successful epic retelling of the ancient Sanskrit poem, works his magic once again with the tales of Krishna. All the pomp, splendor and majesty of ancient India come alive in this extraordinary eight-book series.