Kashmir Sculptures

Language: English


Published: January 30, 2010

About the Book

Regarding the book: Kashmir is located in the middle of Asia, bordering China, Tibet, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. This led to the development of the valley's diverse cultural landscape, which includes philosophy, literature, history, music, fine arts, and aesthetics. Over the course of a thousand years, sculpture has been created continuously in the area. There is very little research done in this field despite the abundance of Kashmiri sculptures and their most distinctive regional style. This book makes an effort in that approach. It makes an iconographic analysis of Kashmir's Brahmanical sculptures over the course of two volumes. It brings together more than 500 Brahmanical pictures of Kashmir from around the globe and shows how they share common themes, iconographic styles, and stylistic traditions as well as significant influences. It also emphasizes their artistic and theological relevance while situating them historically. Investigations have also been made on the Kashmiri cultural environment that served as the inspiration for these masterpieces. Sculptural representations of Brahma, Siva, Vishnu, Mother Goddesses, Kamadeva, and other deities are found throughout the book. Contents: Volume One's Brahma Introduction Volume Two of "Siva — Matrkas / Mother Goddesses" Visnu — Maithuna / Kamadeva