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Jaya Prakash Malla

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Language : English
Published: 2018

About the Book

Jaya Prakash Malla is an outcome of a dispassionate evaluation of the available sources, conducted in a spirit of severe impartiality, complete neutrality and a careful analysis without any preconceived notion. He is depicted by most of the historians as an arrogant, haughty, tyrant and unpopular king. There are many similarities between Java Prakash Malla and Tipu Sultan. Like Tipu, he preferred death of surrender. There are very few biographical and documentary proofs on Jaya Prakash Malla. It is also observed that Jaya Prakash Malla was the only Malla King who had undaunted courage, bravery, spirit and potentiality to cope with the determined Gorkhalis and had the distinction of dying like a brave soldier fighting against his enemy. It has been noticed that the historical evidences like Vamsaralis have not done justice with him since there is a great deal of distortions, misrepresentation and misleading interpretations which present a biased view about him. The book depicts a colourful historical account of Jaya Prakash Malla which is full of inspiring sentimental and interesting account of his life. It is a straightforward narration of history of The Malla Kings and Gorkhas.