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This is It of Spirituality's front coverThis is It of Spirituality's back cover

This is It of Spirituality All about self-realisation

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Language: English
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Published: March 01, 2022

From the backcover

This book is the journey of possibilities that might guide one to evolve from an ordinary, limited, and deluded person trapped within the ego shell into a fully conscious being of unlimited possibilities, compassion, and insight. This book will try to introduce you to the ultimate truth of self-realization, there is nothing more than this in terms of self-realization. This is it!

There is a misunderstanding that spirituality is for a sage who is away from his materialistic world. Spirituality makes one realize their true self, which ultimately changes how one perceives the world. With the new perception, the inner world changes, and the outer or the materialistic world becomes more joyful than ever.

"We can all get benefited from spirituality in this crazy, busy, and overwhelming world we live in"