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Introspecting Change's front coverIntrospecting Change's back cover

Introspecting Change Nepal's Economic Awakening

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About the Book

Introspecting Change: Nepal’s Economic Awakening is a publication by Nepal Economic Forum. It provides a comprehensive view of Nepal’s economic journey across six key sectors of the Nepali economy, namely agriculture, energy, manufacturing, information and communication technology, tourism and hospitality, and finance. Each sectoral chapter delves deeper into the current state of the sector through a sectoral profile, key transformations that occurred during the period, constraints that inhibit the intended pace of growth of the sectors, and opportunities that lay ahead for sectoral growth. By adhering to this structure, the publication has provided a unique lens to link Nepal’s development with the growth of these sectors and harbor the potential to stimulate sustained economic growth and development from the grassroots level. This project, Introspecting Change: Nepal’s Economic Awakening has been supported and led by Nasala Maharjan, research consultant and Sakshee Singh, research and communications consultant at Nepal Economic Forum