Indian Art Treasures

Indian Art Treasures

Suresh Neotia Collection

Genre:Asian History, Art
Language: English
Published:November 30, 2006



About the Book

The mission of its founders, Bimla Poddar and Suresh Neotia is embodied through Jnana-Pravaha, the Centre for Cultural Studies & Research in Varanasi. By re-discovering and showcasing culture's universal components—those that cut across all divisions—it seeks to serve and advance the cause of culture. Jnana-Pravaha strives to raise awareness of the nation's cultural ethos and ethnic customs by showcasing a variety of dazzling performing and visual arts. It is focused on preserving and resurrecting ancient and obscure scripts that, despite their tremendous importance for reconstructing the subcontinent's cultural history, have been so neglected that they are on the verge of extinction. Jnana-Pravaha promotes our material and intangible heritage through its publications, educational and research initiatives, and programs. All of this is being done with a calm zeal and in a relaxing atmosphere. Jnana-Pravaha, which is located on the left bank of the sacred Uttaravahini Ganga, looks across the river at the old Ramnagar fort. The Kalamandapa (the Museum) offers a treasure trove of art dating from the pre-Mauryan epoch to the 20th century, while a well-equipped reference library on Indian culture, art, history, philosophy, literature, and related disciplines serves the needs of students and researchers.