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I Want to Be Like Jürgen Klopp And Other Strange Thoughts about Football

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Published: December 03, 2015

About the Book

Journalist Oscar Oberg loves football. And philosophy. And stand up comedy. Suddenly, he was struck by an intriguing insight that haunted him for a while: ”These things belong together. Let’s mix them into the sexiest coctail ever." This book is the result. Oscar ventured deeply into some of the weirdest corners of his brain, accompanied by some of the sharpest minds ever (Alan Watts, Simone de Beauvoir, Louis CK, his sceptical cousin Kalle, just to name a few). In the 41 essays that came out of this daring journey, he now want to share with you his understanding of the spiritual side of football. After reading this book you will know what George Costanza has to do with high pressure teams like Bayern Münich. You will also understand why Fantasy Fotball makes you a more empathetic person. And you will finally accept that a quote from Marty Klein’s book Sexual Intelligence may actually help you to understand Emmanuel Adebayor. Just to mention a few of the many revelations waiting for you. Oscar will never look at football the same way again. Neither will you