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How to Sleep Better The Miraculous 10-Step Protocol to Recharge Your Mind and Body

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Published: February 29, 2024

About the Book


Did you know that 10-30 per cent of adults struggle with chronic insomnia?

In How to Sleep Better, Allied Functional Medicine and Ayurvedic health counsellor Deepa Kannan explores the root causes of poor sleep and provides expert tips and advice that will enhance the quality and duration of your resting hours and rejuvenate your life. She explains how and why we sleep, what our body does while we rest, and the reasons behind many common sleep problems. She also enlightens us on how to use each of our ten senses or indriyas mentioned in the Upanishads--the eyes, ears, nose, skin, tongue, rectum, genitals, legs, hands and mouth--effectively to enjoy a restful night.This comprehensive guide offers an easy-to-adapt, prescriptive lifestyle programme that will empower us with incredible tools for a healthier life.