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How To Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking

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About the Book

How to Develop Self Confidence And Influence People by Public Speaking is a self-help book by Dale Carnegie.Summary of the Book

In this book, readers will learn the secrets of unlocking their self-confidence. Dale Carnegie discusses how everyone can learn how to influence people by the art of oration. He explains that one need not be a thespian to influence crowds and win hearts, but that simple changes in the way one talks, and in one’s body language are all that’s needed to keep an audience’s attention. This book helps readers understand a crowd’s mentality and teaches them about using this information in all their interactions throughout the day. Learn how to influence your peers, your friends, your family and your superiors with simple exercises and changes in your own psychology. If you believe you need an extra edge to win a crowd, then this is the book for you.