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History Year by Year

by DK
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Published: August 19, 2013

About the Book

Journey through a mammoth timeline, richly illustrated with over 1,500 photos, maps, and illustrations. Written in association with the esteemed Smithsonian Institution.A beautiful visual reference book with key events of world history, written in an elementary language for budding historians. Take chronological steps through human history, starting long before we even began to write. Learn about significant global events like the rise of different societies, revolutions, invasions, and new discoveries. Meet the most memorable people from the history books. The charismatic leaders, brutal dictators, influential thinkers, and innovative scientists from all around the globe.Written with kids ages 9 to 12 in mind, this book uses unpretentious language and gives straightforward fun facts. The “Child Of The Time” feature encourages young people to imagine themselves in the past and lets them know that children had a place in history. Older readers will love this engaging educational book too! Dive in and discover the parts of the past you haven’t yet discovered.  The multitude of photos, maps, and graphics make reading about history simple and enjoyable. This visual reference guide provides the reader with an overview of the most fascinating events in history, with concise and bite-sized information. Follow the timeline from our most distant past, all the way through to recent events that you may still remember happening!The History Of The World, From The Stone Age To The Digital AgeGo beyond American history and explore the world in this modern twist on an old-fashioned history book. It is easier to follow, organized along a timeline with photos of archaeological artifacts, old maps, and exciting pictures. You won’t just read about world history. You’ll see it too, right from your armchair. Take a step back in time!   • 6.5 MYA – 3000 BCE Before History Began    • 3000 BCE – 700 BCE Really Ancient History    • 700 BCE – 500 CE Much More Civilization    • 500 – 1450 The Marvelous Middle Ages    • 1450 – 1750 Exploring and Reforming    • 1750 – 1850 Time for Change    • 1850 – 1945 Empires and World Wars    • 1945 – Present Fast Forward