Himalayan Style's front cover

Himalayan Style

Genre:Architecture, Arts
Language : English
Published: March 01, 2015



About the Book

The photographer and author show the incredible vibrancy, breadth, and promise of Himalayan forms and patterns by focusing on historic Himalayan architecture, recent restoration initiatives, and new trends in building and crafts. Burkert's beautiful style and the wealth of images in Himalayan Style captivate readers who are both familiar with and unfamiliar with the Himalayas. Historically significant buildings that have been repaired and frequently modified for new uses can be found in Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Tibet at the outset of the Himalayan Style. Style is also demonstrated in ways that people express their spiritual beliefs, such as in the stupas' distinctive shapes and in offerings of flowers and tikka powder. This area's homes and furnishings display a diversity of building techniques, materials, and aesthetic elements. Also highlighted are modern inns for visitors to the area. This colorful book highlights innovative ways of residing and earning a living in the Kathmandu Valley. Here, designers and artisans collaborate to produce unique homes and crafts using materials and methods from the region.

Thomas Kelly, a well-known photographer of the Himalayas, presents us with a selection of his own photographs, which range in subject matter from the minute details of a Tibetan tea table to a broad alpine scene peppered with stupas. One's awareness and enjoyment of this strikingly gorgeous place are deepened by Himalayan Style, which provides a new perspective on the man-made beauty in the Himalayas.