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Health Seeking Behavior of Rajbanshi Community

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About the Book

The research on Rajbanshi's health-seeking behaviour provides a window into Nepal's public health. This Rajbanshi ethnicity is one of the indigenous people of Nepal and is involved in modern and traditional medical practices. It also captures Nepal's entire ethnic diversity.

The public health and development field has read and supported this study, conducted almost two decades ago, with great interest. I once more revised this study material as though it were a master's thesis. I made grammatical corrections to it. To improve the presentation, I made some adjustments. It is hoped that this research will mark a turning point in the study of public health, social development, and culture, providing a foundation upon which future research into and evaluation of this community or region will be meaningful.

This author is still researching the Rajbanshi people's social and public health. After a certain period, the goal is to conduct a comparative study based on the findings of this study. As a result, this material may be helpful to both the reader and the researcher. With this in mind, I've included some of the revised second rites that were generally edited in the first edition.