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HAW Annual Political Parody Book of the Year!

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Genre:Writing & Editing Guides
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Published: October 14, 2021

About the Book

Stuffed to the brim with the most twisted stories from Britain's favourite weekly true-life magazine, the HAW Annual is not to be missed!**

Read the heart-wrenching tale of the lying Etonian posh boy called Boris who kept his 12 children secret from his beautiful new bride!

You'll be shocked to your very core when you read the devastating account of Keir from Oxted, who was born with the rare and horrific condition of having a fencepost stuck up his jacksie!

Plus there's the grimy details of the sordid Victorian-obsessed bully-boy called Jacob – who kept calling his girlfriend 'nanny' as he finished – which will leave you reaching for the Kleenex.

And those of a nervous disposition should avoid reading the article about the blood-curdling investigation into Britain's most haunted supermarket in Windsor, where a racist ghost called Philip has been tormenting shoppers in the World Foods aisle.

With over 60 pages of competitions, beauty tips, fashion ideas and real-life terror, the HAW Annual is a book like no other!

**Not a real magazine, and not a real claim. This book is a parody and 100% fictional! It's also quite funny!