Harsha: The Fearless Warrior of Thanesar's front cover

Harsha: The Fearless Warrior of Thanesar

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Language: English
Dimensions:5.5 x 8.5 x 0.58 inches
Weight:324 g
Published: January 18, 2022

About the Book

Nothing is permanent in politics. Only scars remain forever. Born a royal and surrounded by luxury, Prince Harshavardhan had assumed that life would be easy. But everything changes shortly after his 17th birthday as the young prince is thrust into hostile territory all alone. A grand game of deceit beyond his age is simmering, and Harsha is the central piece. A ruthless invader, a barbaric neighbor, allies with changing loyalties and untrustworthy deputies are all part of the volatile political landscape he inherits. To add to his woes, a pair of bloodthirsty, psychotic twins stalk him across kingdoms, tracking his every move. The only thing that keeps Harsha alive is the desire to rescue his sister imprisoned by a savage rival. Will the young prince defy all odds to counter Bharatvarsh’s two mightiest kingdoms? Where will destiny take Harsha? Will the Vardhana dynasty sink into history?