Hari Weds Pari's front cover
Hari Weds Pari's front coverHari Weds Pari's back cover

Hari Weds Pari

Rs 220
Language : English

About the Book


  • The Sun rising from the west.
  • Walk on the ceiling.
  • Sneeze with your eyes open.
  • Hari's wedding with Pari, which later became possible BUT HOW?

Meet Hari. A guy born with no talent. He is very lazy and bad at studying; he doesn't take part in any extracurricular activities in college. All he does is eat, sleep and watch TV. The only interest he has is in Pari who is the exact opposite of Hari. She is the most beautiful girl in his college. According to Hari, Pari is so beautiful that there aren't any other beautiful girls like her in the entire college in Nepal. Hari thinks he is the least good-looking guy in his college. He is not cool. Pari is stylish and rich. She is brilliant in her studies and she is multi-talented. To make matters worse for Hari, Pari’s boyfriend, Max, is the most handsome guy in the college and he is an all-rounder student. Hari tries everything possible to get Pari's attention but fails all the time. Pari hasn't looked at Hari, not even once. She doesn't even know that there is a guy named Hari in her classroom but Hari keeps loving Pari.

"Hari Weds Pari" is a story about the most impossible marriage in the whole world. The day Hari falls in love with Pari, the entire universe comes against him. But something interesting happens and Pari falls in love with Hari and they eventually get married.