The Glory Of Nepal's front cover
The Glory Of Nepal's front coverThe Glory Of Nepal's back cover

The Glory Of Nepal A Mythological Guidebook To Kathmandu Valley

Rs 504
Genre:Religious & Spiritual Fiction, Historical Fiction
Language : English
Published: 2000

From the backcover

The Glory of Nepal: A Mythological Guidebook to the Kathmandu Valley contains nine stories from the Himavatkhanda and Nepal Mahatmya, translated from the Sanskrit. The stories are readable and entertaining whilst remaining faithful to the Sanskrit original. The book is profusely illustrated

Some of the questions that the book asks are:

  • Why are the Himalaya considered holy?
  • Why were a so many temples constructed in the Himalayan kingdom?
  • What are the origins of religious beliefs?

The author has answered these questions intelligently for the modern reader. Most books about the Himalaya agree that they are holy, but never tell you the origins of this belief. Writers often highlight aspects and features of various temples, but rarely explain why the temples were constructed. Forbes' book is a true pilgrim's guide to the holy places of the Kathmandu Valley. It reveals the role that the gods themselves played in establishing these sacred sites. Complete with map and concise directions, these stories lead us on an imaginative but authentic journey of discovery.

"My impression is that the work in hand has its own significance in the annals of Puranic publications."

                                                                                                      - Hem Raj Gyawali, Kantipur Publications

"This (the book) is certainly not a small task. Only by extreme zeal, devotion and effort can such a work be accomplished.”

                                                                                                        -Dr. Govind Tandon