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Ganesha: Elephant-Headed God

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Genre:Language, Grammar & Vocabulary
Language: Hindi
Release: October 08, 2023
Dimensions:7.28 x 9.53 x 0.16 inches
Weight:49.9 g

About the Book

Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, is considered the remover of obstacles and the herald of new beginnings. Do you know how he came to have the head of an elephant, why he cursed the moon and how he tricked Ravana, the king of Lanka and belittled Kubera. This book retells these tales and more that bring forth his wisdom, generosity and love for all living beings. Gorgeous illustrations and simple sentences in this book will inculcate the love for reading and our culture among the early beginners.

Introduce children to the beloved God Ganesha!

Vibrant and captivating illustrations expand imagination Introduces kids to epic tales and culture of India Simple language makes the stories easy to understand Encourages kids to read Builds a robust vocabulary