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Genre:Business & Management, Business Strategy
Language: English
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Published: January 25, 2022

About the Book

30 Common Financial Mistakes Massive wealth is not the result of complex and witty moves but doing simple things right. Mistakes are natural in life’s journey, and our financial journey is no different. However, it is crucial that we become aware of our mistakes and take corrective action. This way, they become our greatest learnings and serve us well. FOOPS! is a collection of the 30 most common financial mistakes we make in our quest to create wealth. If we appreciate the impact these errors can have on our long-term wealth creation and take immediate action, each Foops moment is a potential game-changer. What is going to be your Foops moment? How are you going to correct it? Learn from the national bestselling author of From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom and The Autobiography of a Stock.