Folk Tales From Nepal Himalaya's front cover
Folk Tales From Nepal Himalaya's front coverFolk Tales From Nepal Himalaya's back cover

Folk Tales From Nepal Himalaya Nāmsāmi – Kesāmi Myth and Other Folktales

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Genre:Myth & Legends Told as Fiction
Language : English
Published: 2019

About the Book

Every community and region of Nepal abounds with rich oral traditions that include folktales, local myths, stories, riddles and legends associated with the local/indigenous people, history, landforms, places, and flora and fauna. These oral traditions, as they hold the essence of our unique culture and traditions, have greatly been a source of moral value and entertainment in our rural societies. However, unless we take steps today, these invaluable oral traditions are disappearing soon due to the sweeping forces of globalization and commercial entertainment that have already reached even remote corners. Keeping such a situation in mind, the authors have endeavoured to collect myths and folktales from eastern, central and western regions of Nepal. Focusing on varied themes, they have included 49 myths and tales in this collection.

From the backcover

This collection brings together a wide variety of Nepali myths and folk tales rooted in various cultures, regions and oral traditions of Nepal. The authors have done an excellent job of collecting and presenting the tales in simple and succinct manner. The tales represent the worldview and beliefs, as well as rhythms of everyday living, of various Nepali communities. I think lovers and researchers of folk tales will find a rich fund of original material in this collection.

- Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Uprety