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Fintech for Billions Simple, Human, Ubiquitous

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Release: October 22, 2024

About the Book

What does it mean to be financially included? Does having an Aadhaar, a Jan Dhan account and a phone make one financially included? Is rural India able to access financial products and institutions comfortably?

Is the Fintech revolution actually here?

The biggest problem with fintech in India is that the full potential of financial technology and policy is not really reaching the poorest of the poor. Thoroughly researched and expertly written,
FinTech for Billions reveals why many of the existing solutions have faltered and fumbled along their path to inclusion. But things are not without hope. Through meticulous research across India - from towns in Rajasthan to villages in Goa, from hamlets in Odisha to districts in Telangana and Himachal Pradesh -- this book offers simple, human and ubiquitous solutions that can transform the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid.