Festival Of Nepal's front cover
Festival Of Nepal's front coverFestival Of Nepal's back cover

Festival Of Nepal Coloring Book

Rs 700
Language : English

About the Book

Nepal is a beautiful example of different religions living in harmony. The cultural diversity in the country has given birth to vivid festivals, all of which offer great insights into Nepalese culture. This coloring book, Festivals of Nepal, has 44 works of art is a coloring book filled with forty-four conceived by six Nepali artists. Each of them have presented their own unique perspectives of the festivals in the pieces that they have created. Every page in this book is perforated; removing them is as simple as coloring in a coloring book! Once you’re done, just pull out the pages – then frame them, put them on display, or send them as postcards. Coloring books are known to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. So pick up your pencils and add color to FESTIVALS OF NEPAL. Special acknowledgement goes to Mr. Suman Shakya for providing us with the inspiration that we needed.