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Language: English
Release: July 01, 1988
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About the Book

Faust is the popular tragic play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. This play has been listed among one of the best plays in the history of German literature. Due to its success, it has also been translated into various languages.

The Lord is worshipped by the angels, while a devil named Mephistopheles has complaints about the worldly ways. This devil is also against the way in which the Lord has been managing human lives. The Lord comes up with a challenge for Mephistopheles, in which Mephistopheles would have to turn Faust, a devout human, into his servant. Mephistopheles takes up the challenge and starts making plans to turn Faust into his servant. The Lord, on the other hand, believes that Faust is his loyal follower and hence, has confidence in Faust’s faith. Faust, however, is tired of life. He can’t find any higher purpose to live for. Mephistopheles finds this to be a great opportunity.

Mephistopheles proposes a deal to Faust. The devil says that that if he is able to show Faust an unforgettable moment, Faust will have to serve the devil for rest of his life. Confident about the unlikeliness of such an outcome, Faust accepts the deal. Whether Mephistopheles is successful or not in making Faust his servant is the main theme around which this classic play revolves. The revised edition of Faust was published by RHUS in 1988. It is available in paperback.