Fantasy Adventures 360°
Fantasy Adventures 360°Fantasy Adventures 360°

Fantasy Adventures 360°

by Diya Sapkota, Illustrated by Tara Sapkota
Rs 120
Rs 200
Genre:Fiction, Story for Children
Language: English
Published:May 31, 2022

From the backcover

Eleven-year-old Diya Sapkota lives in England. She has enjoyed writing fantasy stories since she was seven and loves exploring her boundless creativity and imagination. Diya's daring, dramatic and dreamy tales will captivate you within its pages, leaving you intrigued from the first to the last line. This book dances with magic from its unusual potions, impressive superheroes to you, the reader, who holds it in their hands. Come with Diya, and explore a 360° view of land, sea and air in these endless adventures! Your quest lays ahead, So what are you waiting for?