Fake, Fact and Fiction
Fake, Fact and FictionFake, Fact and Fiction

Fake, Fact and Fiction

A Collection of Fortuitous Stories by a Scientist Without a Home

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Language: English
Published:January 01, 2020

From the backcover

"Dr. Victor Benno MEYER-ROCHOW is a special person, who is roaming the world for seeking universal truths, teaching at a variety of universities and to make scientific discoveries. Wherever he goes, he not only discovers interesting facts but also enjoys new experiences, develops new ideas, and adjusts to the new locations. Having been to all the continents of the globe, he captured in his memory unforgettable moments, processed, situations and dealt with events he had been part of. The stories collected in this book are the stories of his expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, month-long trips in the Atlantic Ocean, adventures in Jamaica, the Moluccan islands, stay in France, Finland, New Zealand, and Germany, lunch with "Her Majesty the Queen" and of unusual experiences and special thoughts beautifully composed. As you read this book, it will take you to strange places; you will become immersed in episodes and situations that will captivate and fascinate you (and no doubt give you something to think about).

For Professor Benno, there is no country he can call 'home', but he feels at home wherever he stays and whichever environment he happens to become exposed to. That's why he has many homes around the world. Now he is in South Korea, but for four months 'he even felt at home in North Korea as well.

This is his first-ever published fiction book and a wonderful product of collaborative work among Dr. V. Benno MeyerRochow, Mr. Ramesh Kandel (Shabdahar Creations Pvt. Ltd, Nepal) and myself."   - Lekhnath Kafle, Ph.D. Asst. Professor National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Pingtung, Taiwan