Eloquent Hills

Eloquent Hills

Essays on Nepali Literature

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About the Book

Eloquent Hills: Essays on Nepali Literature brings together nine essays written between 1989–2007 by Michael Hutt, the leading foreign scholar of Nepali literature. It contains essays that discuss Muna-Madan by Lakshmiprasad Devkota, Sumnima by BP Koirala, Sirishko Phul by Parijat, and Ghumne Mechmathi Andho Manche by Bhupi Sherchan, four of the best known classics of Nepali literature. Hutt's take on the poetry of Mohan Koirala and the early life of Bhupi are also featured here. Thematic essays based on Nepali literary sources on the notions of Shangri-la and an ideal Nepal, the portrayal of Gurkha soldiers, migration, and literary movements before and after the 1990 People's Movement provide interesting commentary on Nepali literature. All who are curious about modern  Nepali society must read this book.



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