Eating in the Age of Dieting's front cover

Eating in the Age of Dieting

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Genre:Health & Fitness
Language: English
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Published: November 16, 2020

About the Book

Rujuta Diwekar is amongst the most followed nutritionists globally, and a leading health advocate. Over the past decade, her writings have decisively shifted food conversations across the country away from fads and towards eating local, seasonal and traditional. Her mantra, ‘eat local, think global’, blends the wisdom of our grandmothers with the latest advances in nutrition science for sustainable good health for all.

This is a collection of some of her most-loved writings on:

- Diet trends and food myths

- Festival and seasonal foods

- Quick tips for good health

- Superfoods in the kitchen

- Foods for health problems

- Exercise and yoga

- Women’s and kids’ health

- Heritage recipes