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Genre: Science Fiction
Language: English


ISBN13: 9780441172719
ISBN10: 0441172717
Pages: 896

About the Book

Young Paul Atreides is the son of Duke Leto Atreides from House Atreides. The duke’s ever-increasing popularity within the convocation Landsraad is seen as a threat by House Corrino’s Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV. A direct attack on House Atreides will not be tolerated by the Landsraad and may bring about Civil War in the empire. An age-old feud between House Harkonnen and House Atreides is used by Shaddam IV to attack and eliminate Leto and House Atreides. Shaddam IV tempts Leto into taking control of the desert planet Arrakis, which produces an essential spice called ‘Melange’. Leto leaves control of Caladan in order to take charge of Arrakis, a planet which is home to House Atreides’ elite navy.

After thwarting several attempts by the Harkonnens, Leto is finally taken captive after a member of House Atreides betrays him. Meanwhile, Leto’s concubine, Lady Jessica and his son, Paul join the ferocious fighting group of Fremen by virtue of their growing abilities. In the years that pass, Paul identifies the massive strength that lies within the Fremen forces, which according to him, can win back Arrakis for House Atreides. Paul’s powers develop to a huge extent, and the Fremens begin to regard him as their messiah. With this growing influence, Paul starts a jihad against the Harkonnen rule of Arrakis under the Fremen name ‘Muad’Dib’.

Blending elements like mysticism, adventure, politics and environmentalism,makes for a gripping read, and is sure to influence sci-fi fanatics for a long while to come.

The book received great critical acclaim with many critics stating it to be the best sci-fi book of all time. It received the prestigious Hugo

Award and Nebula Award in 1966. David Lynch adapted the book into a movie in 1984. John Harrison started a television miniseries based onin 2000, which was highly rated as well.