A Quest For Dignity

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From the backcover

This beautifully produced pictorial volume of the lifeworld of Dalits in Nepal documents both the persisting menace of caste in South Asia as well as the determination of Dalits to resist it. A must see for all those who wish to fight against caste oppression.
- Anand Teltumbde

A profound and indispensable manual, tracing the complex entanglements of Dalits with the politics of looking. While in the past photographs were often seen as icons of dispossession, they increasingly serve, and foretell, assertion and presence. This thoughtfully-crafted volume tells a nuanced story of the ambivalent politics of visibility. It is one that is vital for modern Nepal, but it is also a substantial and beautifully-conceived history that will command the attention of anyone interested in the camera as a potential tool of transformation.
- Christopher Pinney

A beautiful reflection of the life of resistance in a society that only seeks to demean. It's also a timely reminder-a truly new Nepal demands we give each other full respect and dignity.
- Seira Tamang

Illuminating and interrupting the past and the present, on the cusp of shadow and light, this book seizes upon memories as they flash-up at dangerous and defiant moments. Visually and verbally, it expresses, articulates, and interrogates the hierarchical processes of exclusion and inclusion, power and meaning, that place Dalits at the core of the caste order, while looking the other way. A searing and searching accomplishment.
- Saurabh Dube



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