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Dakshin: South Indian Myths and Fables Retold

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Language: English
Release: August 08, 2023
Dimensions:10.0 x 7.99 x 1.85 inches
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About the Book

Dive into this treasure trove of fifteen opulent folk tales, myths and fables from vibrant southern India. Travel down the banks of the Kaveri to the shores of the Indian Ocean; from the depths of mysterious jungles to the towering Nilgiris; from the lavish abode of kings to quiet villages in Coorg; and finally, meet the enchanting fairies, elves, gods and goddesses along the way!

Laugh at the funny deeds of a miser. Cry at the misfortunes of the naï ve. Wonder at the courage of the weak against the mighty. Come, revel in these fantastic folk tales!