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Crunch Time How to Cook Creatively and Make a Difference to the Planet

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Genre:Cookbook, Food & Drinks
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Published: July 11, 2023

About the Book

Eat good, do good, stay odd. Get creative in the kitchen and join the fight against food waste with Oddbox.

Ever scanned a recipe, realised you’re missing an all-essential ingredient and decided not to bother? Or worse, bought a pack of peppers when you only needed one – only to forget the rest at the back of your fridge?

This way of cooking and shopping doesn’t just cause us unnecessary stress; it leads to food waste – one of the most urgent issues impacting climate change. So we set Martyn Odell – food-waste disruptor – the challenge of creating a collection of delicious, swappable recipes that help us waste less food simply by cooking with what we have.

From wonky lasagnes to chuck-it-all-in tagines, zingy salads to fruity puddings, this food-waste-fighting book has over 70 recipes to make fruit and vegetables the star of every meal. With sections on how to cook creatively and make your fruit and veg last longer, this book is the ultimate zero-waste guide to dishes that are good for your tastebuds, your pocket and the planet. Spatulas at the ready – it’s crunch time.