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The Conflict of Laws

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Genre:Law and Legal System, Textbook
Language : English

About the Book

Morris: The Conflict of Laws,now in its ninth edition, is one of the leading titles on the conflict of laws, covering all branches of private international law. It is unparalleled in breadth of scope and wealth of detail.
The work explains the fundamental principles of the subject and how the law works in practice. The authors' encourage critical thinking by getting readers to think about the issues which concern the working of the conflict of laws as a whole, its theoretical basis and methodology.

The ninth edition has been fully revised to incorporate the many developments in the field. Features of the new edition include:-

  • an expanded treatment of jurisdiction, now incorporating material on the practical issues in international litigation
  • a full treatment of the Brussels I bis Regulation
  • incorporation of the growing number of decisions on the interpretation of the Rome Regulations on choice of law in respect of contractual and non-contractual obligations
  • material on the conflict of laws implications of the introduction of same-sex marriage in England and elsewhere
  • a re-ordered treatment of matrimonial property and the financial consequences of divorce
  • an account of the changes in the English understanding of habitual residence, especially that of a child