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Changing Paradigms The Transformation of Management Knowledge for the 21st Century

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Language : English
Published: January 01, 2003
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About the Book

Management Paradigms, the system of ideas by which managers understand and act upon the economic world, have undergone and act upon the economic world, have undergone a rapid process of transformation in recent years. Throughout the world a more sophisticated, cerebrate approach to rethinking companies is apparent and a familiarity with a variety of management theories is often required by managers in response to the evolution of the business environment. Changing paradigms explains how developments in management ideas relate to traditional forms of management thought and practice and examines which paradigms are likely to be durable in the next century. In competitive environments, those who succeed are often unencumbered by post paradigms and fully engaged in inventing new paradigms for business. This book constitutes a unique analytical study of management innovation and business strategy.