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Buddhist Cave Sanctuaries

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Published: 2023

About the Book

Actually there are countless cave sanctuaries of many different cultures scattered all around the world and even if one will set a focus only on Buddhist cave sanctuaries one will find thousands of different sites. Numerous books could be filled up with explanations, images and plans showing only the most important cave sanctuaries of the Buddhist culture. Why a single book about these spiritual influenced places? The intention of the present book was neither the elaboration of a comprehensive encyclopedia nor a book with scientific claim. Much more the primary aim of the project was the idea of a picture book, which shows only a few but impressive and unique sites of the essentially countries, regions and cultures where Buddhist spirituality was alive in history or is still alive till today. As well as some hardly known and less documented sites one will find some well-known ensembles inside this book, as Ajanta and Ellora in India. However, even if historical places like Ajanta and Ellora are well known all over the world, there are not so much books available as one would expect. The present book allows a little view inside the wide range of spiritual art, which represents one religion in various cultures, epochs and alignments. Finally it could be an encouragement to visit some of the places which are shown inside the book, but as well a memory for those who have been at these sites. For myself it is more-it is a memory of numerous travels into unique worlds of history, arts and spirituality, but as well it is a memory of countless views onto many aspects of the present life. Worlds where I met wonderful people – locals, tourists, scholars, monks, where I found sympathetic people and friends as well as an essentially part of the fulfillment of my interests in historical arts and architecture. The book will take one on a unique journey, leading to India – where Buddhism got its origin and to the most important countries where Buddhism spread out over Asia, sometimes interwoven with other spiritual cultures like Hinduism and Jainism as well as with animistic and shamanistic belief in local spirits.

MICHAEL BECK, born in 1966, is a German architect and photographer, living in Switzerland. Travelling through territories with Tibetan culture for many times since 1997, he visited Central-, Western, and Eastern-Tibet, Ladakh, Zanskar, Lahaul, Spiti, Kinnaur and Mustang.