The Buddhist Art of Kausambi's front cover

The Buddhist Art of Kausambi From 300 BC to AD 550

Genre:Asian History
Language : English
Published: May 15, 2004



About the Book

Kaushambi, one of the main centers of Buddhist art in antiquity, offers proof of a continuous artistic legacy spanning millennia. By analyzing its stone carvings, this work seeks to draw attention to the underwhelming attention that Kaushambi has previously received from academics. It is maybe the first comprehensive account of the Buddhist art of the area from the Mauryan to the post-Gupta period based on an examination of stone sculptures discovered at various sites in Kaushambi and its environs and stored in various museums. More than 300 stone sculptures are examined in depth, with particular focus on their iconographic characteristics, stone types, cutting, grinding, polishing procedures, and aesthetic appeal. The history of Kaushambi and its relationship to Buddhism, the first excavations in the region, and the uniqueness and originality of Kaushambi art in comparison to the Mathura and Sarnath schools are all provided as context for all of this. The book provides more than 225 properly sorted and analyzed black-and-white and more than 50 color photos of Buddhist sculptures. It would be of the utmost importance to academics and students of Buddhist art.