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Both Sides of Coins

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About the Book

If knowledge and science are considered coins in Dr Nawa Raj Subba's 'Both Sides of Coins,' then an attempt has been made to look back at both sides. References to history, culture, sociology, and psychology have been thoroughly investigated. Some memoir articles in the book will give the reader a glimpse of Nepali child psychology and the past.

There are fascinating examples of literature based on objective facts rather than personal imagination or fantasy. The general reader has become interested in the study and research environment. Here are some open-minded, unbiased interpretations.

The writer has highlighted many of the questions we have seen, heard, or experienced but have not considered, but it also shows the critical side. On the one hand, there is a subtle observation of current Nepali life; on the other hand, the work of determining the future direction has been indicated.

Overall, this book will be helpful to readers and researchers who want to understand life and the world critically. It is useful to readers and researchers who critically understand life and the world.