Border Management of Nepal

Border Management of Nepal

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Genre:Borders of Nepal, Geography
Language: English

About the Book

'Border Management of Nepal' deals with the burning issues of managing and regulating the country’s border with its neighbours. This is a sequel to his earlier books, 'Boundary of Nepal' and 'Border Management' in the context of National Security in vernacular. 'Boundary of Nepal' became very popular among intellectuals, as it received the prestigious Madan Puraskar (Prize) for 2057 B.S.

The present book supplements the position taken by the earlier books. Here the author has carefully analyzed the emerging issues of border management, together with its history, present status and problems, keeping in mind the fact that national well-being is impossible without national security, which again, is beyond imagination without effective border management. This has helped to answer questions as to the exact nature of controversy surrounding our border points, along with its history as well as its advantages and disadvantages of the present system for the nation. Obviously, the book has brought to light the benefits a nation can acquire by managing its boundary skillfully.

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