Basic Course in Spoken Nepali

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Genre: Learning & Reference
Language: Nepali/English
Published: January 2014


Pages: 327
Weight: 475 g

About the Book

The book contains forty lessons. It supplements each lesson with grammar notes and explanations of the usage of different language items that may cause confusion for the learners. Each lesson also includes a list of new words with their English equivalents and conjugation of verbs whenever necessary. The first 'fifteen lessons are written in Roman Script. It also includes the English translation of the new structures alongside the Romanized Nepali. This is done with those language learners in mind who may try to learn the language on their own. These people will find the introduction to the Nepali sounds and pronunciation practice chart at the beginning of the book and an extensive vocabulary list arranged under different topical headings at the end very useful in their attempt at self-learning.