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Backyard Bears Conservation, Habitat Changes, and the Rise of Urban Wildlife

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Genre:History for Kids
Language : English
Published: December 13, 2022
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About the Book

In this acclaimed addition to the beloved Scientists in the Field series, author Amy Cherrix follows scientists investigating black bears—and other animals around the globe—who are rapidly becoming our neighbors in urban and suburban areas, with full-color photography.?

North Carolina's black bears were once a threatened species, but what happens when conservation efforts for a species are so successful that there’s a boom in the population. With black bear numbers on the rise, suddenly these animals are finding themselves in areas they've never been before—like in and around Asheville.

Author Amy Cherrix follows scientists as they study these backyard bears and the local citizens living among them, trying to figure out just how this happened and what it means for bears and their new neighbors.

Part field science, part conservation science, Backyard Bears looks at black bears—and other animals around the globe—whose numbers are not only rising, but thriving, and finding themselves in new locations around the world.