Asahamati 3
Asahamati 3Asahamati 3

Asahamati 3

असहमति ३

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Language: Nepali
Published:April 16, 2021
Dimensions:5.0 x 7.8 x 0.8 inches
Weight:249 g

About the Book

Asahamati 3 is the answer to the misinterpretations made during the course of history, the attacks on Nepali geography, civilization, religion, language, culture, heritage, culture and lifestyle. This book is also a dissertation towards the socio-political discourse and the interpretation and analysis done with sufficient information and context in the variety of topics!

पछिल्लो बाहिरी पृष्ठबाट

इतिहास निर्माणका क्रममा गरिएका अपव्याख्या, नेपाली भूगोल, सभ्यता, धर्म, भाषा, संस्कृति, सम्पदा, संस्कार र जीवनशैलीप्रति बोलिएका धावाहरूको जवाफ हो, असहमति-३ |

विषयको विविधतामा यथेष्ट सूचना र सन्दर्भसहित गरिएका व्याख्या तथा विश्लेषण एवम् सामाजिक-राजनीतिक डिस्कोर्सप्रतिको विमति पनि हो यो पुस्तक !

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