An Arduous Path

A Story of Tibetan Refugee's Struggle

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Genre: Non-fiction
Language: English
Published: September 18, 2020
Edition: 1st


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937734394
ISBN10: 9937734398
Pages: 292

From the backcover

Shree Bhakta Khanal, a former media person, has his interest in travel, photography, and documentary making. With the experience of having worked as investigative journalist for a long time, Khanal is interested in writing on social and humanitarian issues concerning Nepali society.

An Arduous path takes the form of travelogue to account the socio-economic aspect of that long-abiding, complicated, and unresolved political issue of the Tibetan refugees living in Nepal for 60 years. This book is an attempt to look into the lives of the Tibetans who have left their birthplace and are living in the circumstances provided by different geography, language, and culture. The writer has brought forward the voices that were before left unheard.