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Animal Biotechnology: Mapping of Organisms

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Language: English
Release: April 08, 2010
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About the Book

Animal Biotechnology concepts provide a distinct knowledge layer for biologists, especially when they become interested in high throughput experimental analyses. It is a scientific field that studies how the genome is involved in responses to environmental stresses. Key features ? Theoretical approaches, number of examples and references ? Provides a broad, application-oriented overview ? Real application scenarios, such as Bbiotechnology projects that require the use of a whole set of drug design tools ? This appears to be an excellent series of textbooks for students, researchers and scientists ? Provides a comprehensive, definitive, and up to date reference of the main areas of specialist and expert knowledge and skills used by those involved in all aspects of the new drug development research ? Illustrations help readers understand the research methodology easily ? Lists of Web resources serve as a gateway to important research centers, institutes, and other sources of information