Akbar-Birbal and the Haunted Gurukul's front cover

Akbar-Birbal and the Haunted Gurukul

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Genre:Sci-fi for Kids, Fantasy for Kids
Language: English
Dimensions:5.08 x 7.8 x 0.35 inches
Weight:109.71 g
Published: November 08, 2022

About the Book

Just into his tenth year, life's all good for the future Mughal king, Akbar. But when his bestie, Nassie, the royal elephant goes on a rampage, a dangerous plot to harm the prince is uncovered. With things taking a sinister turn, Akbar is packed away (very far indeed) to the Vishwamitra Gurukul to live undercover.

Life in a gurukul hostel is nothing like his life in the palace! For starters, there's no halwa for dessert after dinner! And then there's that ghost who keeps knocking on doors, calling to be let into the room. But when a student is attacked by the spirit, the young prince must act. Thankfully, he's just met one of the greatest minds of the future and also his new best friend-Birbal.