A Single Brushstroke
A Single BrushstrokeA Single Brushstroke

A Single Brushstroke

Chan Mind & Spiritual Painting

Rs 2000
Genre:Biography: Arts & Entertainment
Language: English
Weight:218 g

About the Book

In this book, Jérôme Edou explores links between philosophical Chan teachings on the nature of the mind and this art of simplicity, a vehicle for the contemplative intuition of the painter, which the spectator is invited to share

To express the ineffable, Chinese painters invented a pictorial language combining simplicity in an economy of brushstrokes, unfinished suggestion and empty space that evoked Buddhist Emptiness or Taoist Primordial Void.

Jérôme Edou, a long time Buddhist and Tibetan translator, has been practicing Chan painting for years in the spirit of these early eccentric painters. Since graduating in 2018 from the International Academy of Ink Painting (France, China, Japan), he has shown his works in Kathmandu where he lives and teaches Chan painting.


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