A New Dawn

A New Dawn

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Language: English

About the Book

‘A New Dawn’ is a story of hope, faith and belief. Life is not always a basket of ripe cherries. Things can go beyond the control of human ability as the unpredictability of life can stir chaos, creating frustration, depression and feelings of unworthiness. However, no matter what life has to bring, there is always hope, giving each individual the courage to take the next step at the dawn of every new day. Nothing lasts forever. The pain we feel today may or may not heal tomorrow, however, the healing is inevitable; it will happen one day. The love we have always longed for may have no meaning tomorrow, however, we must believe that there is sunshine after rain and know that every night falls in a new dawn.Jara, an impulsive teenager, who grew up in a prestigious family, shatters her father’s dreams into pieces when she runs away with Roan, her best friend's brother. On the other hand, her best friend Lucy also makes a similar mistake by being the victim of her own thoughtless decisions in life. The impulsive choices made by both girls essentially ends their lives, turning it into a disaster. The story deals with the suspicious death, narcissism, betrayal, hope and ultimate love.


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