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1947-1957, India: The Birth of a Republic

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Genre:Asian History
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Published: January 16, 2024

About the Book

The story of a decade-1947 to 1957-that made and unmade India

The first decade after India's independence, 1947-1957, was probably the most crucial in the nation's history. Opening a window to this period, this book weaves a story out of the complex ideas and events that have largely remained beneath the surface of public discourse. The transfer of power, the framing of the Constitution and the formation of the governance machinery; the clash of ideas and ideologies among parties and personalities; the beginning of the disintegration of the Congress and the consolidation of political forces in the opposition; Nehru's grappling with existential problems at home and his quest for global peace; the interplay between democratic ideals and ruthless power play-all these factors impinged on each other and shaped the new republic in its formative decade.

Thought-provoking, argumentative and unputdownable,
1947-1957, India: The Birth of a Republic is a must-read for anyone interested in Indian political history.