The 10-Day MBA's front cover
The 10-Day MBA's front coverThe 10-Day MBA's back cover

The 10-Day MBA

Rs 1120
Genre:Business & Economics, Textbook
Language : English
Published: September 16, 2010
Weight:540 g

From the backcover

A business classic, The 10-Day MBA provides an invaluable guide for all those people who do not have the time or resources to take a full-time business degree, or who require a short revision aid. Internationally acclaimed, this carefully structured and easy-to-read course will enable you to understand the concepts and jargon used in the business world without having to leave your desk. Here is your chance to become familiar with the key tools and theories currently being taught at Harvard and Stanford and other leading business schools - in only ten days!

Learn how to: Read and understand financial statements

  • Develop effective and comprehensive marketing plans
  • Understand accounting rules and methods
  • Manage your relationship with your boss
  • Implement and evaluate corporate strategy
  • Understand investment appraisal techniques
  • Use quantitive techniques to evaluate products
  • Obtain information on your competitors
  • Recommend valuable operational improvements
  • Master the most commonly used MBA theories and jargon

'Anyone who has ever wished they attended a top-ten MBA school now has an alternative: Silbiger's The 10-Day MBA. It distils the basics of a top MBA programme. It's interesting, informative and certainly cheaper. I recommend it!'