Ramesh Kshitiz

रमेश क्षितिज

Born in the Salyan district in 1969, Kshitij spent his formative years in Mirauli, Hekuli village of Dang. His journey as a wordsmith began early when he penned his first poem in the fourth grade and ventured into playwriting during his sixth-grade years. Commencing his higher education at Siddhajanata M.V., Srigaon, he later pursued studies at Nepal Law Campus, Kathmandu, ultimately earning his Master's Degree (LL.M.) from Tribhuvan University.
Ramesh Kshitij emerges as a formidable figure in contemporary Nepali literature, particularly after the year 2040. Renowned not only for his prowess in poetry but also for his achievements in storytelling and songwriting, Kshitij stands prominently at the forefront of modern Nepali poetry.


Books by Ramesh Kshitiz